Friday, February 28, 2014

Juicing (No, not steroids!) and Blending

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 But now let's get down to business and talk about Juicing this Friday. Is it a new fad? Actually no, it's been around since the 1930's and was invented by Norman Walker, who by the way lived to be 100 which speaks volumes to the benefits of Juicing. It was also pitched by Jack LaLanne back in the 70's and 80's and he lived to be 96... seeing a pattern here? So, no Juicing isn't a new fad, it's actually something very healthy and a great thing to incorporate in your everyday life ESPECIALLY if you hate vegetables  Pack a juicer full of greens and vegetables, throw in some pineapple or a fuji apple (because they have enough sweetness to cover the taste of the veggies) and *WAL-AH! You are getting your veggies in daily and probably the recommended serving in 1 6-8oz glass! 

Food Matters states "After regularly consuming freshly pressed vegetable juices, which are highly alkalizing, you will experience improved energy levels, digestion and mental clarity, clearer skin, and an overall sense of wellbeing." There are so many benefits of juicing I won't list them all but anyone knows fruits and veggies have enormous benefits to the body so you cannot over do it. You can go above and beyond the suggested serving size and it will only benefit your system, especially if you are trying to detox.

There are different types of Juicers, Cold Press Juicers are the best but can be costly. They get the most fiber out of the foods, and can do amazing things such as extract nut milk (Almond milk and such), juice grasses and herbs, little to no heat so the enzymes stay intact and last up to 72 hours. 

Although the cold press offers more benefits, any juicer (Centrifugal Juicers) still offer you benefits and will help increase your fruit and veggie intake, which is great!  

Basically juicing allows you to douse yourself in nutrients and because it's in a liquid form it is absorbed quickly into your system giving you quick benefits such as energy! I just got my cold press juicer (thank you tax return!) and it says it also makes smoothies and has pulp control so I can't wait to try it!

Speaking of smoothies... if you are not into juicing but LOVE a smoothie, GO FOR IT! You will not be able to get as much into your smoothie as you would your juicer but it's a great option for again, getting in more fruits and vegetables. I and many others would recommend a high powered blender such as a vitamix or Ninja because they will blend MUCH better than a regular Oster or other brands. Add super foods, super herbs and seeds to the smoothie for more amazing benefits!

This post isn't to try to sell you on products but these have made a tremendous difference in mine and my husband's health. Just to give you a real life example... my husband has lost 25 lbs since the second week of January and he juices about once a day and works out about 2 days a week on average. I on the other hand reached my goal weight of 135 a little while ago but maintain my weight of about 133-135 and have still lost inches and have gained muscles and see my body toning up and I workout about every other day (3-5 times a week).

Another thing I recommend getting is a 10 cup blender, I found mine for $34 on Amazon and it works amazing! It allows me to make the most amazing desserts that need food processing such as making almond flour and adding dates to make a crust. I just made this amazing, super easy dessert  (you will not regret trying this) because of my food processor: Chocolate Cream Carmel Bars (note I added 1 tsp vanilla to the chocolate and carmel layers).

Don't be afraid to try new things and new foods! If you haven't ever juiced (again not talking about steroids) find a whole foods, or Nugget  or anyplace that has a juicing bar and try a few things! If you aren't a huge fan of vegetables get one with fruits and veggies, and slowly train your tastebuds by taking out a little more fruit each time. Not that fruit is bad it's good! But some people need less sugar and more veggies!

Mark 4:8
"Other seeds fell into the good soil, and as they grew up and increased, they yielded a crop and produced thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold."

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